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Financial Advisory Overview


With CFO’s/Business Owners struggling to meet the ever increasing and competing demands on their business, particularly in the current economic climate, financial considerations can be a frustrating and all encompassing issue. In addition, the severe conditions seen within financial markets in recent years have made the ability to raise critical credit lines enormously challenging. The lack of consistency displayed by the banking sector in terms of their decision making and pricing have made these challenges even harder.

Etos Partners bring a wealth of frontline banking experience across most industry sectors. We have current and firsthand experience of how banks view credit proposals and their criteria for support. In order to ensure that you maximize the return from your banking relationship/requirements we can support with;

§  Preparation and presentation of Business Plans for new Commercial/Corporate banking requirements. This may be to fund growth/acquisition strategies or, indeed, to consolidate existing positions. To ensure maximum benefit, we will lead these banking negotiations on your behalf.

§  Debt restructuring - many businesses are held back by a lack of valuable working capital because existing bank facilities are inappropriately structured. Let us review your existing debt structures and bring innovative solutions to free up the potential within your business

§  Bank Facility reviews - banks do very correctly require regular updates and progress reviews when facilities are being provided. It may often not appear as such but the ongoing relationship with your bank is probably one of the most important that needs to be maintained and strengthened. We will lead to ensure best outcomes and removal of unwanted surprises by good communication.

§  Costing reviews - How confident are you that your present bank charging structure is both competitive and in line with prevailing market conditions? Do you understand how banks generally perceive their “risk” because they will price accordingly? New bank capital adequacy rules are already impacting upon the cost of “debt”. We will review interest rate structures against these backdrops to achieve maximum benefit and to consider appropriate interest rate strategies. In addition - do you understand how your ongoing bank charges are calculated and have these been explained to you by your bank Relationship Manager? Again, are they fair and reasonable and do they reflect present market conditions?


Etos Partners is a global strategy & financial advisory specialist

There is trememdous interest in U.S. or European-based companies possessing intellectual property (IP). Etos Partners has a portfolio of interested partners that will provide cash investment for a minority equity stake. Please contact us for a free valuation of IP potential.