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Etos Partners Introduction

Etos Partners provide strategic advisory services to businesses looking for value enhancement and growth. We feature independent advice across a comprehensive range of business support and strategic services that includes products, markets, operations and financial considerations. In addition, we can provide access to global markets and capital through our international network.


Strategic Analysis Overview


Etos Partners' engagement methodology uses our PRISM model. How can successful organizations exceed expectations of their customers, always be ahead of their competition but be profitable at the same time? That is a result of tying all elements of the PRISM model together in a comprehensive manner.

The Strategic Analysis service focuses on the following areas:

Service & Experience

This relates to all the points of contact that an organization has with its clients. Etos Partners believes that the Service and Experience is a layer that goes above traditional sales channels, may it be internal or external. This includes pre-purchase experience such as what Williams-Sonoma, Hollister and even self-service elements of Ikea have successfully executed, to a customer-friendly order processes (including hassle-free returns) demonstrated by the likes of and Ocado to consistent services offered by MacDonalds and after-sales spare parts availability one expects from a Mercedes-Benz dealership. The services may be high-touch or low-touch and perhaps fulfilled by an external provider or franchise, but one thing stands out with these organizations that enable them to be successful - they meet the needs and exceed the expectations of their customers each and every time.


There are many elements in marketing. The key is establishing a brand vision and then executing to the vision well. However, there may be segments of the customers that respond differently to the brand vision. Etos Partners believes that the identification of these segments are more important than ever in a fragmented information market and allows unprecendented opportunity for up-and-coming brands to capture the imagination of businesses-to-business customers or consumers through various means. Effective segmentation also allows us to implement profit or revenue maximization strategies to capture producer surplus while providing marginal benefit to the client or consumer.

Research & Development

In a science and engineering-related organization, research and development would require strong portfolio management capabilities coupled with design paradigms that focuses on design for manufacturing and reuse of design assets. Having these three elements embedded deep into the culture of the organization allows a constant emphasis on the market, lower production costs where approximately 70% of costs are determined by product design and significantly reduced time and cost to market with reduced bill of materials maintenance which also supports after-sales support. In a consumer and retail-based organization, research and development is anchored on strong market research into what products would sell well and how much shelf space would be devoted to them. With online businesses, this emphasis is paramount as even though the shelf space may be unlimited, until the arrival of 3D surround screens in the room that allows one to process peripheral information, the focus on what is shown to the consumer may be a matter of profit and loss in this competitive environment.

Sales & Channels

Disruptive technologies such as the internet are obvious new channels to explore. With the internet, an organization now has the ability to interact directly with the buyer, even if the product or service is ultimately fulfilled through a channel provider. A stronger collaboration with your organization's channel in today's operating environment is more crucial than ever. With effective customer segmentation, you may be able to open a new channel that does not impact your traditional channel or generally even enhance it by allowing a greater focus in executing to the brand vision by being more succinct. Expanding reach through overseas expansion is also increasingly easier, where your products may in fact be produced closer to the international market than your home market. Etos Partners is well positioned to support you with associates in key international markets.

Human Resources

A key area in strategic analysis is the organization, its behavior driven by both culture and incentives. Etos Partners believes that a high-performing organization is one whose behavior is driven by the right supporting structures in place. more often than not, a strategic direction is formulated with the exisiting resouces in-situ and that is a sub-optimized strategy. That is the reason why many upstarts can outperform establishes business models, precisely because their organizations are designed on blank pieces of paper. Our goal is to help organizations restructure that would challenge the organization to support the business model. Our experience tells us that individuals appreciate the focus and learning new skills.

A Time to Mine? A Strategic Acquirer's Opportunity

Like the sample of the cut plastic, many "gems" can be unearthed across the world, especially in Asia and Europe, due to the current credit crisis. They are companies that have great growth potential when cut and polished and are fundamentally solid, but have been affected by the credit crunch. This presents opportunities for strategic acquirers to dig and buy the gems at a discount, especially now that the miners who had been most active in digging them out over the past four years-the private equity firms-are finding it increasingly difficult to finance their acquisitions with cheap bank loans. For example, in Europe, the valuations of private company sales to private equity has fallen by 14 percent in the third quarter of 2007 to a multiple of 15.3 times a company's earnings. Meanwhile, the valuations of private company sales to corporates fell by just 2 percent to 13.4 times earnings. The private equity buyout premium-which pushed up the price/earnings ratio on the MSCI-600 of "median" stocks to a record high of 20 in May 2007-has vanished. The P/E ratios on the DOW 30 big stocks are much lower-because they are too big even for the large private equity firms like KKR and Carlyle.

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Etos Partners is a global strategy & financial advisory specialist

There is trememdous interest in U.S. or European-based companies possessing intellectual property (IP). Etos Partners has a portfolio of interested partners that will provide cash investment for a minority equity stake. Please contact us for a free valuation of IP potential.